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​​IIAI and its members advocate at both the state and federal level on policies and regulations that impact the independent agent system. IIAI employs a full-time and part-time lobbyist to oversee monitoring and lobbying at the Iowa Statehouse, while IIAI staff and members work to support IIABA's efforts and to monitor and lobby issues that come before Congress.

Insurance Day on the Hill is the largest grassroots lobbying event of the year.  It is each year at the Iowa State Capitol Building in Des Moines.  Our event begins with a briefing at the IIAI office, followed by travel to the Capitol for meetings and lunch with Legislators.  

Click HERE for the 2015 Iowa Legislative End of Session Report.

IIAIPAC is the State PAC and makes donations to candidates and office holders for Governor and the Iowa House and Senate of both parties.
IIAI participates with other states in InsurPac, our National Political Action Committee. Donations are made to candidates and office holders for both parties of the U.S. House and Senate.
• Iowa Legislature Webpage • Find Your Legislator
• United States Senate Webpage
• United States House of Representatives Webpage