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Annual Planning

Each year IIAI's 7 standing committees meet to discuss and brainstorm on how your Association can best serve Iowa's independent agents.  Thank you to all agents who volunteer to serve. 

The Committees are:

Agency Management/Technology Committee This Committee is responsible for all areas of agency operations including financial management, managerial accounting and tax strategies, mergers and acquisitions, personnel management, employee benefits, internal office management, sales management of producers, and agency automation/technology issues. The committee is also responsible for planning the annual Agency Management/Technology Expo which we ask you to attend. Members must be well versed with agency automation issues, the use of the internet in transacting business, and have an understanding of how members can use technology in enhancing agency operations. This committee is expected to meet with vendors, help plan automation workshops and assist with planning IIAI's Automation Expo.
Company & Public Relations (Trusted Choice) Committee - This committee will host a series of meetings with insurance companies to review their business plans for Iowa. These meetings will take place at the IIAI office, and will involve 3-4 companies a year. They are charged with the responsibility of recommending programs or services that enhance the image of the local independent insurance agency. In addition, it may look at potential advertising possibilities for the Association as well as co-op advertising with member agencies and insurance companies and help with the Trusted Choice program. The IIAI Board of Directors must approve funding.
Education Committee - This committee establishes the education programs for the year and includes such things as a critique of previous programs, recommending topics and instructors for all technical training seminars and determining any special needs programs.
Governmental Affairs & IIAI PAC Committee - This committee reviews all legislative bills introduced during the legislative session, then recommends policy decisions for each. The committee also works with the IIAI to develop proactive legislation that would be in the members' and consumers' best interest. Any matter dealing with governmental relations is referred to this committee. This Committee meets at least twice a year. All members are asked to attend the Insurance Day on the Hill at the State Capital in February each year.
Rural Agents/Small Town Agency Committee- This committee will deal with any and all insurance issues facing agriculture clients as well as taking policy positions on any legislation affecting any new federal farm bills on multi-peril crop insurance. The committee is also responsible for establishing the agenda of the annual Rural Agents/Small Town Agency Conference and attending the Conference, and will recognize and respond to special needs of smaller agencies.
Technical & Industry Affairs Committee -  This committee deals with the technical aspects of the insurance industry, and industry issues that directly or indirectly affect the operations of member agencies. It monitors ISO, NCCI and other industry group filings, confers with the Insurance Department on technical issues and prepares technical reports and articles that members can use in their day-to-day operations.
Young Agents Committee - This committee is comprised of young agents aged 40 or younger. Their responsibility is to review special programs and services (including sales programs for new producers) that will meet the needs of young agents; and to plan the annual Young Agents Conference. All committee members are asked to attend the Young Agents Conference.