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Mexico Insurance Program


Mexico Insurance Program

From time to time, agents have clients driving their vehicles into Mexico. It is imperative that these clients obtain a Mexico auto policy. Without a Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance policy, your clients will have no protection in the event of an accident and may face fines, detainment or even incarceration.

To accommodate this need, we have partnered with International Insurance Group, Inc. (IIG) to allow our member agents to offer their customers Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance. IIG is located in Flagstaff, AZ and their toll-free number is (888) 467-4639. IIAI's contact at IIG is Denny Lauritsen.

This program has specific instructions that apply in order to be used. Below are the Production Links to the program for policy issuance and for agency specific reports:

Production - Policy-issuing linkage:
NOTE - The agent will be required to enter their Member Number/Producer Code in the AGT-DST field on the Application Form Page.  This is in order that their production can be tracked separately from other member producers.
Production - Reports linkage:
NOTE - The agent will be required to enter their Member Number/Producer Code in the AGENT CODE field.  This is in order that they can ONLY see their own production reports rather than the entire IIAI accounts production.

W-9 Form Requirement for ALL Agents
In order that each individual agent may be paid their commission directly by IIG, IIG must have a W-9 Form filled out and submitted to the IIG corporate accounting office prior to such payment. Each agent will only need to fill out this form once. Upon completion on the form, fax it to International Insurance Group's corporate office, attention Accounting Department, at (928) 213-8476.  Click Here to download the form.

(Note: This form is in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document. To download this free program, click here.)

Language Translation Waiver Document
Click HERE for a PDF copy