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Agency Membership

Why You Should Become a Member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa. . .

IIAI represents the business interests of an estimated 92% of Iowa's independent insurance agencies.  We are proud to report 660 members, who serve the citizens of Iowa with another 281 branch offices.  We also have 90 companies who give IIAI support by being affiliate members.

The association serves their members by providing cost effective insurance programs, numerous educational opportunities, vital communications, legal opinions, technical and technology information, as well as various networking opportunities. According to IIAI By-Laws you must write for more than one property-casualty/crop company to be a member.  Specific information regarding dues, or how to apply for membership, is available by contacting IIAI headquarters.

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IIAI Mission Statement
The Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa will be an unrelenting advocate of the business, professional and political interests of its members; doing so by working in the public's best interest and with the highest ethical standards.

Membership is available to all legal insurance entities that have their business address within the state of Iowa and that do business as sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations or other business organizations licensed by the Iowa Insurance Division and operate in the American Agency System.  Agency dues are based on the agency's latest calendar year's insurance commissions (including property/casualty, life, group a/h and crop insurance).  As a member, your agency has access to all programs on the state and national levels.  IIAI is affiliated with the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America and your agency is entitled to use the logo of their association as well as the state.